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De La Parra Group


Solutions for 

Your Industry

Law Office of Claudia Rodriguez

Law Office of Claudia Rodriguez is an Immigration Law Experts and very successful law firm that offers high quality immigration solutions, tailored for families throughout the United States and around the globe. De La Parra Group supports Law Office of Claudia Rodriguez by facilitating effective expert advise, management tools, website, social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing solutions.

Private Sector

De La Parra Group serves the public sector organization. By helping and supporting small and large businesses to attain their goals, objectives and growth in a better and much more effective approach. 


Our group of professional consultants support our communities. Providing the necessary knowledge to deal with specific neighborhood needs. Facilitating leadership and educational tools in response to the need of greater economic coditions. 

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations support our communities on what governments call humanitarian partnerships to better the conditions of our communities. De La Parra Group supports those nonprofit enterprises that care for people needs. 

Governmental Enterprises

Government is constantly in need of subcontractors to help improve or accomplish its gobernmental program objectives. Government grants are constantly available to complete those government objectives.   

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